We are a small privately run, homely nursery, registered for 48 children from the age of 3 months until they are ready to leave for school.




A high percentage of staff working in the rooms are qualified to level 3 or above in Child Care.

We value the education and training of the staff, encouraging them to add to their personal development.

We have two members of staff trained to level 6, one of whom has Early Years Teacher Status and an additional degree in biological sciences.

All staff have First Aid, Food Hygiene and Safe-guarding training as well as the enhanced DBS check which are all kept up to date.

In house training is provided for all staff who are mentored by experienced members of our team.

We have good staff retention and do not rely on agency workers.




At Western Elms Nursery, our primary aim is to provide a safe, caring, happy and stimulating environment, where children are offered activities to enhance their development.

We strongly believe that all children are individuals who develop skills at different stages.

Activities are set to meet your child’s development. We discuss your child’s interests with you as their prime carer. We also complete next step tracking sheets based onobservations. Activities are then planned, enabling your child’s development to progress.



At Western Elms Nursery we take pride in providing a well-balanced, nutritious menu worked on a two-week rota using fresh food. Everything is prepared, on site by our cook.

The menus take into account dietary and allergy requirements of the children, for example, dairy free, nut allergies, vegetarians/vegans. The 14 allergens are all noted and recorded.

All staff are trained and hold a food hygiene level 2 certificate.

We hold a 5 FOOD HYGIENE RATING, displayed on the kitchen door.



Bumblebees (accommodates children under 24 months of age)


This room is based on the ground floor over-looking the front garden. It consists of two connected rooms enabling free flow of the children. Careful consideration has been given to these rooms to enhance the care and development of the children in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage. There is a small kitchen where light snacks and formulas are prepared.

Bumblebees have their own small garden, which can be accessed through the patio doors from one side of the room, which is also used with the free flow activities.

The ratio of staff to children under 24 months is 1:3.

Bumblebees can accommodate up-to 12 children at any one time.

Ladybirds (accommodates children from 24 months to 36 months)


Ladybirds is based on the first floor of the building consisting of two connecting rooms. These two rooms have been carefully laid out to enhance the children’s care and development. They have their own bathroom area where they are changed, potty/toilet trained.

They have access to the main back garden throughout the day.

The ratio of staff to children under 36 months is 1:4.

Ladybirds can accommodate 12 children at any one time.

The staff between Bumblebees and Ladybirds liaise to complete the two-year developmental check which is shared with you and for you to hand over to your Health Visitor.

Grasshoppers (accommodates children from 3 years to school age)


This room is based on the ground floor of the building. It is a large open plan room which opens onto the main outdoor play area at the back of the building. The children have regular access and free flow between the outdoor play area and the room. This room is designed to fit the needs of this age group with toilet facilities and sinks at their level, which are easily accessible via a doorway in the Grasshoppers room.

The ratio of staff to children over 3 years old is 1:8.

Grasshoppers can accommodate 24 children at any one time.



When your child starts at the nursery you will be assigned a Key Person member of staff. The Key Person’s role is to ensure that your child’s individual needs are met. Alongside your Key Person you will be given a Buddy Key Person who will be responsible for your child in the absence of the Key Person.

The Key Person will take all the information about you and your child required by the nursery.

It is important that we have a second and third local contact in case of emergencies. Please ensure that you bring this information. 


At Western Elms Nursery, we pride ourselves in our planning of activities for the best learning outcomes of each child, and to make the most of every learning and development opportunity.

Each of the rooms tailor the planning to suit the needs of the developmental stages of the children. The principles of the planning are the same throughout the nursery.

All of our staff have excellent knowledge of planning and assessing in the Early Years. Each Key Person regularly assesses their key children against the ages and stages of the EYFS in order to understand exactly where they are in their learning and development. This information is then used to plan for each child on an individual basis and ensures that every key child has got quality activities planned to best promote their next steps.

Planning in the moment (or shared sustained thinking), is another form of spontaneous planning. The activity that a child has spontaneously chosen is further engaged and built upon with the Key Person. Focus is applied to one or more of the next steps of the child’s learning and development, without particular pre-planning.



All fees are paid in advance and due on the 1st of every month. Fees are still payable for Bank holidays, Christmas Eve where we close at midday, your child sickness days, appointments and holidays.

Fees include all nappies, creams, breakfast, lunch, tea and snacks.

The nursery also has the right to give immediate notice if fees are more than two weeks in arrears.        


To register with the nursery a completed pre-registration form, along with a non-refundable administration fee of £500 should be handed to the nursery. The £500 will then come off your first months fees. This will be sent to you if we can accommodate your childcare requirements.

Priority will be given to siblings of children already attending the nursery.       

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