Changes During COVID-19

For the safety of the staff and families, it is necessary to follow the in depth COVID-19 Risk Assessment. The terms and conditions of the Western Elms Nursery COVID-19 Risk Assessment are in line with the government regulations. We ask that all parents adhere to this fully.


This is updated as and when necessary and all parents are informed of any updates.


When a place is guaranteed and the pre-registration form is completed, the Western Elms COVID-19 Risk Assessment will be sent out and the terms and conditions need to be read and signed to say that you agree to them. 


Currently the government are working hard to get the vaccines out to all adults in the UK and are asking people to take the present lock down seriously to help prevent the spread of the virus in order to reduce the pressure on the NHS.


We have remained open throughout the pandemic, and we value the safety of our staff as well as our families.

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