At Western Elms Nursery we recognise that young children will experience many transitions in their early years; some of these planned and some unplanned. We are sensitive to the impact of such changes to children and this policy sets out the ways in which we support children going through these transitions.


Some examples of transitions that young children and babies may experience are:

      • Starting nursery
      • Moving between different rooms within the nursery
      • Starting school or moving nurseries
      • Family breakdowns
      • New siblings
      • Moving home
      • Death of a family member or close friend
      • Death of a family pet.


Staff are trained to observe their key children and to be sensitive to any changes in their behaviour and personality. We respectfully ask that parents inform us of any changes in the home environment that may impact on their child so staff can be aware of the reasons behind any potential changes in the child’s behaviour.


*Full policies are available to read at the nursery for all families attending, please ask a member of staff for access.

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